Of Wandering

I’m writing this in a nook of a Mate cafe, rain hitting the windowpanes outside. It’s been a bit since I’ve sat and thought about my work in art. I haven’t been out to take photos here in Colorado for a little while, and even though I took a lot of video and photos in Mexico when I went for work, it was just that – work. I’m drawn again to the poetry of Thoreau and Donne, as my life shifts and changes. Men who, inspired divinely or not, put words to things I cannot. The way Thoreau describes the woods and nature, and the way Donne waxes on about love and her follies, they put in pen what I cannot. I’d recommend everyone check them both out. Plus, Thoreau has an excellent treatise on Civil Disobedience. Great stuff.

The goals of my life are scattered, to be sure, but If I were able to become as eloquent as these authors, I would be happy to call that a win.

In the meantime, I suppose Denver and Kent will have to suffice for artistic inspiration, and my meager attempts will suffice for artistry.

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  1. Doyce Lord says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your eloquent musings and your artistic photography and this is another example. Thank you for sharing your artistry and heart with those of who have the privilege to read Analog Brain.


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