Slowly, Slowly

It’s increasingly important these days for us to slow down. Too much of our life is spent rushing from one thing to the next, never stopping to smell the roses, to borrow a tired colloquialism. I’m even aware of that as I write, since I usually write 2-4 of these posts in a sitting at my local cafe. I jump from idea to idea as the fancy strikes me, but don’t take as much time to actually dwell on the thoughts leading me to that process.

One of my roommates gave me a cutting of his pothos, and I planted it in water, in an old whiskey bottle. It’s been fascinating to watch it’s progress over the last two months or so as the roots have grown down the the bottom of the bottle, and now a new leaf has sprouted up above. It’s taken a while, though. Even if I waited a few days between checkups, I didn’t see much change. It was only when I took longer times in between to check in on the leaves or roots that I noticed they’d changed.

We’re so focused on finding those things every day that we fail to notice the gradual change. Or we only notice the large changes over months and don’t take time to see the roots curl out, or to see the filaments that stretch out into the water, even the way the light plays on the stem and leaves in a gentle wind. There’s so much magic that we miss when we only focus on big change over long times.

So take a minute today and just listen. Watch the dust in the air, look hard at the light play in the undergrowth and leaves. Find the magic in the everyday and the slow.

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