Somehow, Sometime, Someday

As the Light fades inside our hearts and the sky goes black with eternal slumber,

I’ll think of you and take my number, my ticket toward the fateful plane, and wait.  

My eyes go gray, I cannot see, I cannot hear, I cannot taste, but for you, my Love, so haste! I cannot bear this toll alone, so join my hand with thine.

I know not of the one I speak when I say to you, “My love”, and yet I know you even still, our rhythms intertwined through time’s embrace.

I speak to the love that I shall bear for you, the longing in my heart.

I know not who I am, or you, or anything of great import, for I am simply flesh and bone, alchemy of memory brought life.

In the halls inside my mind, the barren wastes of days long past, I am becoming, I am become.

In wondrous splendor, yet unveiled, the days not seen, we’ll drown the halls in tones of glory, red and bright, our hearts unbound but to each other’s open hands.

Like the dog that waits at the door, your quarry in its mouth, so shall I be. Until the day that wraps our hearts together, the knot unknown by man, our lives take aim, and fire, the arrow bounding along on its arcing trajectory.

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