Hazardous Voltage Inside

Seasons change, the weather grows cool in the window, and the world goes into hibernation as we all accept the lengthening shadows and quick evenings. It’s an inevitability, and yet it always surprises me.

I can’t help thinking, “wasn’t it June like last week?” And this entire year has felt like that. A year in suspended animation. A year of hibernation.

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that this year has felt strange, considering everything, but I feel the need to reinvent myself constantly, using this time to try things out and feel out what I want to be. It’s simultaneously exciting and upsetting, trying to discover and understand the world and myself. I was certain that this blog would become something larger, and part of me still wants that, but now I’m a bit out of words. That’s okay. Posts may be more infrequent, but I may shift a bit toward poetry and shorter ideas.

Thanks to anyone who reads these in any regard.

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