A Departure From The Norm, Such As It Is

Saturday marked victory to all who have been crying for justice, hope, and unity for the last four years. For myself, though I know we have far to go, a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel now like the country I love has a path forward, not into failure and hate, but into unity and brotherhood.

I don’t often make my politics known outside personal conversations, and rightfully so given the caustic nature of the discussion over the last decade or more, but make no mistake – I believe if we can come together as the President Elect has called for, I think America is not beyond saving. The King is on the throne, and he has smiled on us.

To my friends and family who are disappointed in the outcome of the election, I would ask you to consider the reactions I’ve seen in the last days. One of my POC friends recounted his father crying with joy, saying “I don’t have to fear what’s happening next anymore.” Women I know rejoicing that a woman will be seated in office for the first time in history, and that many women were elected to positions across the senate, house, and governorships. People from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum celebrating that they have more representation in our government. Think about these people as you engage in discourse in the coming days.

Despite all our differences, we can come together as a nation – as a brotherhood grounded in celebrating our differences rather than vilifying any who oppose us. Bringing families together rather than tearing them apart. Being led by a man who has vowed to be a president for ALL Americans, not just those who support him.

The fight is not over. There is much to be done socially, economically, and in the fight for true justice in our nation. But we can achieve what the founders intended – together. As God wills, let us move forward in peace, unity, and knowing that God loves all.

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