Soundscapes and Fey Wild

Recently I’ve become enamored, if not perhaps a bit hyper fixated, on background soundscapes to my work and life day.

I use a website – – and I highly recommend it. I’ve even become a monthly patron to access more advanced features like mixing sound generators and stuff like that.

Whether I’m building a log cabin ambience to sleep to (fireplace, cold winds, rain on a tin roof, wolves in the distance) or a woodland forest to work in (forest tones, river, birdsong, light wind) it’s always wonderfully calming and helps me focus. It also acts as a refresher, keeping me on my toes as it were. When I can be sonically transported to any number of locales or locations and times, it helps me focus on the moment at hand instead of getting lost in thoughts.

My favorite thing to do lately is to drop into the woodland forest atmosphere, and play a playlist called Fey Wild on Spotify. It feels like you’ve just stumbled on a group of faerie creatures frolicking in some forbidden forest glade, and you’re not sure if you’re supposed to be there – but you want to stay until they notice you.

Take a minute today and lose yourself in a forest glade with me.

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