Perfect Imperfection

There are moments that hold an imperfection that transcends all need to be perfect.

Like the one in this photo, at the balloon festival last year. There was a group of girls dancing near me and my friend, and they were clearly having the time of their lives. The band was playing, they were dancing, and the crowd may as well have not existed. Part of me wishes I had gotten a better shot of that moment, but I believe if I had landed it perfectly, I wouldn’t care about it as much.

Imperfection is my favorite subject in photography. The flower with a missing petal, the cracked stone, the uneven lines in a line of houses. Only in imperfection do we see truth in art. Nothing in this world is perfect, symmetrical, or flawless, and if it appears that way, then it’s flawlessness may be the true imperfection. If we think we’ve reached a point in our lives where everything is perfect, we’ve failed to recognize space to grow.

The sooner we can recognize our own flaws and broken pieces, the sooner we can begin to appreciate them and work on sanding down the rough edges, making something beautiful from the fracture. For myself, I channel my complete inability to focus into short blog posts and social media posts, where I can focus my thoughts into a coherent idea. Or in my restlessness and drive to leave wherever I am, I can guide that into thoughtful travel and time to recharge. It’s always a give and take – take what your Self gives you, and give yourself a way to use it well.

So naturally, as I’m incapable of writing without a call to action, I’ve come to a conclusion.

Take stock of your flaws. Really look at what’s “wrong” with you or what you complain about internally whenever you get frustrated with your own actions. There’s almost always a way to channel those habits and tendencies into something wholesome, good, or even productive.

Living is a process that no one has figured out, and the best of us just learn to move on through the annoyances we cause ourselves.

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