Ray Bradbury is probably one of my favorite authors.

His way of putting thought together into ideas that build images is simply incredible. It never fails to amaze me when I read his short stories how much world he can build in so little time. In only a few sentences he can transport you to a far off future, in the house of a farmer who wishes to go to space. Or he can place you in the mind of a middle school boy, just strapping on the new shoes of summer, and sprinting out into the he wilds. The jungles of a post apocalyptic Mexico, or the small town worry of a murderer on the loose.

I enjoy his writing because he writes the way I think. Ideas first, that coalesce into words, that get sorted into communicable phrases and explanations. Often my first attempt at explaining something to a friend isn’t near detailed enough. I’ll skip past the broad strokes to give them the important bits five or six levels down. Then I realize they’re lost and I need to give them more context so I broaden the scope.

Reading Bradbury instills a desire to tell stories as well. Partially because of different story – based video series I’m watching, and partly because of where I’m at in life.

Soon enough, I’ll be launching a YouTube channel to accompany this blog. I don’t know if it’ll gain any traction, but I need an outlet for my video and photography that feels worthwhile and fulfilling. Not that my current job is anything less than a godsend, but I’m not growing in the places I want to grow. I only grow my artistic skill by doing and making, and we’re not doing much of that right now.

So, be on the lookout for that soon. Maybe it’ll be a week, maybe it’ll be a month. But it’ll be less than 2 months. I hope.

Here’s to the future, and to Ray Bradbury.

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